Cannabis Flower Remedy



New to the UK and exclusively from NaturAlly Fed:

Cannabis Flower Remedy

An amazing essence to help to heal the body, protecting your aura, opening up the crown chakra and reconnecting with the universe! £29.99 for 15ml – cannot be purchased anywhere else in the UK!!

NB This is an essence, so there is no CBD or THC at all – this works at a vibrational level

Feedback from a trial on 22 people who didn’t know what they were trialing said:

– felt relaxed and focussed

– felt balanced and energized

– no period issues, PMT and period was light

– immediate relief from toothache

– relief from headache and migraine

Available to order now – both alcohol and non-alcohol versions available!


Place 7 drops under your tongue whenever you need it

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15 ml

Naturally Fed